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Live with Purpose, Love with Passion

Learn how to live a passionate and fulfilling life from Firestarter Ministries International. Through many years of ministry, we have discovered there are five basic questions everyone asks:

Who Am I? | Why Am I Here? | Who Can I Trust? | Where Do I Belong? | How Should I Live?

The answers are found in each person's relationship with Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Father God, the Body of Christ, and the Word of God, respectively.

As people begin to understand and experience the importance of each of these relationships, they will be restored, equipped and released into the purposes for which God created them. Equipping is facilitated through teaching, training, and ministry opportunities.

Becky Chaille

We Help People

Experience Freedom from Years of Past Rejection & Abuse | Restore Their Marriages | Learn How to "Be Angry and Not Sin" | Learn How to Set Boundaries & Confront in a Godly Way | Remove Curses from Their Lives & Their Land | Learn How to Hear God's Voice | Learn How to Be Led by the Spirit & Exercise Spiritual Gifts | Begin Experiencing Relational Kingdom Living | Learn How to Become Change Agents in Their Sphere of Infuence

We Help Churches

Conduct Healing Encounters | Establish a Ministry Team | Develop a Discipleship Journey for Their Church Family | Spiritually Cleanse Their Ministry & Land

Gathering of Women

Firestarter Ministries International hosts evenets for the Gathering of Women in Powder Springs, Georgia. The Gathering of Women is for those who:

Hunger & Thirst for God | Desire to Grow in Their Personal Walk with Him in Purity & Holiness | Desire to Come Together for Relationship & for Kingdom Purposes | Passionate to See the Kingdom of God Brought into Every Area of Culture | Desire to Become Change Agents in Their Own Sphere of Influence